The "Traveling Books" project seeks to convey messages channeled by Susana Castrejón Marbán to different people, which are condensed into 16 books. Currently there books are traveling around the world, the goal is for them to be handed out from hand to hand in order to reach more people, and that people can share their words, drawings and thoughts regarding the messages. Once the books are completed, they are expected to return to Mexico, their place of origin where some of the thoughts, stories, drawings or other forms of expression that the messages motivated in the readers will be published and published on this page.

Perhaps now you have one of the books in your hands, and I hope that in it you will find the right message that will bring peace, love, harmony, wisdom and respect to your life.


Susana Castrejón Marbán channeled me, painter, teacher and researcher in art history, with 35 years of experience in teaching, giving classes at La Salle University, Ibero-American University and the Tecnológico de Monterrey. Focusing on the areas of architecture and design.

She has also dedicated to coaching and biomnemics, in this way the 75 messages that are within me were channeled to her.

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foto Susana Castrejon